All our macarons and Cakes are homemade and we ask you to preorder for : 

        Tower 40 or 50 macarons or Box 14 or 28 macarons            2 days before

        For more than 50 macarons           1 week before 

        For wedding or big events (bar mitzvah, baby shower...)           1 month before 

        For small cake (14 cm diameter)           4 days before 

       For big cake, number cake or cake with theme            1 week before 

        Delivery :

For delivery, we don't propose this service but you can use the Gett taxi application ( for Tel-aviv and close )


       Opening hours

Monday 12-19 pm

Tuesday 12-19 pm

Wednesday 12-19 pm

Thursday 10-19 pm

Friday 10- 15 pm

Saturday - Closed (Shabbat)

Sunday - Closed

We want to offer you the best service and make you happy 

TwinsCakes since 2014

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